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Selecting dividend stocks can be difficult and time consuming. A Dividend Value Builder Membership provides a time saving approach to discover, compare, and evaluate dividend stocks without emotional bias.

We analyze companies with fundamental quantitative analysis to estimate an intrinsic value and compare it the the current price. This provides us with a margin of safety and estimate of forward returns as the stock price gravitates toward intrinsic value over time.

Each of our stocks is evaluated and receives a risk / stability grade (macro & micro) and a quality grade specific to the company. This allows us decipher some of the strengths and weakness of each company.

Our intrinsic value / margin of safety analysis eliminates the companies with unfavorable stock prices. This allows our members to concentrate on stocks that offer a margin of safety and a favorable long term risk/reward ratio.

Discover, Compare, and Evaluate Stocks.

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AAAMP Portfolios memberships are by invitation only.  I want to make sure my service is right for you before you invest in my service. Contact Ken Faulkenberry @ 832-585-7618 or for more information and invitation to join.

AAAMP portfolios are designed to assist investors in managing their own money in a minimum amount of time. The portfolios are laid out in a simple and concise manner with easy to follow specific trade alerts. This service provides all the resources so you can develop your own plan with confidence. I do the work, you stay in control!

The highest priority of each portfolio is minimizing large portfolio drawdowns. Asset allocation decides up to 90% of total investor returns. This is where investors make the most mistakes and the largest behavioral errors. I will help you concentrate on the aspects of investing that grow wealth little by little.

We focus on ideas and concepts inspired by Benjamin Graham (The Intelligent Investor) and Howard Marks (The Most Important Thing). This philosophy puts special emphasis on value investing strategies: requiring a margin of safety, risk management, proper asset allocation, and avoiding behavioral errors.

Our approach is to invest defensively when valuations are high. However, we want to be ready (emotionally) and able (cash!) to invest more aggressively when a margin of safety exists. This reduces portfolio volatility and allows us to avoid large drawdowns that destroy long term returns.

I am dedicated to helping investors implement sound investment strategies, methodically build wealth, and mitigate risk. Each model portfolio is a real-time portfolio; part of my personal retirement portfolio. In other words I put my money where my mouth is!


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