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The information contained in the Arbor Investment Planner Newsletters, the Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio Blog, the Dividend Value Builder Newsletters and  Dividend Value Builder Blog, are general information or for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. The Arbor Investment Planner does not act as an investment advisor, or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment.

Use of the Arbor Investment Planner is for subscribers’ personal use only. Subscriber agrees not to share or copy for any other use. Neither the Arbor Investment Planner nor Ken Faulkenberry invests, manages, or directs the investment management of subscriber portfolios. The sole purpose of the Planner is to provide information to investors who choose to manage and self direct their own investment portfolio.

All information, including the Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP), Updates, and Trade Alerts, are for information purposes only. The AAAMP is a real time portfolio owned and managed by Ken Faulkenberry for his benefit. All information is the opinion of Ken Faulkenberry. All information, including reported investments and reported investment trades, are made with his own personal money in his personal account. These investments may or may not be appropriate for newsletter members.

Trade Alerts are sent to subscribers for notification purposes only. After a trade alert is e-mailed to subscribers the trade is made in the AAAMP. Investors who choose to duplicate the transactions of the AAAMP do so at their own risk. Subscribers should consult their investment advisor as to the suitability of any particular investment.

The Dividend Value Builder Portfolios are for illustration purposes only. Although Ken Faulkenberry personally owns each of the stocks in the DVB portfolios, that does not mean it is an appropriate investment for any newsletter subscriber.

Past results do not guarantee future returns. There is no guarantee the goals and objectives of the Arbor Investment Planner (including the AAAMP Portfolio and DVB Portfolios will be achieved. The subscriber agrees to be totally responsible for any action taken and/or investments made and the suitability of any actions taken by the subscriber. While data contained is believed to be from reliable sources the Arbor Investment Planner (including the Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio Blog and Dividend Value Builder Blog) are not liable, nor does they warranty the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information contained.

The Arbor Investment Planner reserves the right to offer subscription trial periods. If the subscriber does not cancel within the stated subscriber trial period the subscribers payment will be processed and credit card will be charged.  It is the responsibility of the subscriber to cancel within the stated trial period (usually 7 days). All subscription plans can be cancelled at anytime. Refunds are not available on monthly subscriptions. Quarterly and annual AAAMP Value Newsletter subscriptions will be refunded on a pro-rated basis as follows: $129.00/mo. charged at the beginning of each monthly anniversary, excluding any free trial periods. No refunds are issued for any of the Dividend Value Builder Newsletters or subscriptions. Each of these memberships start with a free 7-day trial period during which you will not be charged for your membership. Cancel anytime before your 7 day trial period ends and owe nothing. You will always have at least 6 days to review the service ordered or I will extend your free trial period.

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