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The Dividend Value Builder, home of the Dividend Analyzer, is a quantitative approach to discovering, comparing, and evaluating stocks without emotional bias. Our dividend checklist takes into account 30+ different quantitative and qualitative metrics related to paying and growing dividends for shareholders. 

The Arbor Dividend Analyzer uses the most important metrics to arrive at a Total Score of 100 ( Dividend Safety (33 Points), Profitability (33 points), and a Valuation (34 points)). The median total score for the 350+ stock database is 50. This provides you a solid foundation from which to examine and compare stocks for possible inclusion in your portfolio.

The Dividend Value Builder Analyzer Newsletter is published the first weekend of each month. Features include Key Market Statistics, the Links & Learning Center, and Dividend Analyzer Total Score, Dividend Safety Score, Profitability Score, and Valuation Score for more than 300+ dividend stocks.

The Treasure Trove Twelve Newsletter is published the second weekend of each month. It highlights 12 dividend stocks with quantitative metrics that indicate an enticing combination of dividend safety, profitability, and valuation. The DVB database is analyzed by sector with key metrics provided for 300+ dividend stocks.

The Dividend Value Builder Portfolios Newsletter includes 3 stock portfolios; the DVB Foundation Portfolio, the DVB Dividend Growth Portfolio, and the DVB High Income Portfolio. Dividend Analyzer scores plus one page summaries for each DVB stock with a Buy ranking are included in each issue plus e-mail notification of portfolio changes for easy implementation.

Price and Value
Cash Flow
Discover, Compare, and Evaluate Stocks.

Dividend Value Builder Analyzer Newsletter

  • 7 Day Free Trial (literally no payment for 7 days)
  • Perfect Starter Newsletter
  • Ideal For Advanced Investors Wanting a Ranked List to Begin Research
  • Discover, Compare, and Evaluate Stocks Without Emotional Bias
  • Key Market Statistics
  • Dividend Analyzer Total Score, Dividend Safety, Profitability, and Valuation Scores For More Than 300 Dividend Stocks.
  • Color Coded Dividend Analyzer Issues to Easily Identify DVB Portfolio Stocks
  • The Dividend Analyzer and How to Compare Quality Dividend Stocks
  • Low Annual Membership Guaranteed to Never Increase (Current Members)
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DVB Treasure Trove Twelve Newsletter

    • 7 Day Free Trial (literally no payment for 7 days)
    • Treasure Trove Twelve Dividend Stocks
    • Dividend Value Builder Database Stocks Sector Analysis
    • 8 Key Quantitative Metrics For Each Stock (300+ Dividend Stocks)
    • Low Annual Membership Guaranteed to Never Increase (Current Members)
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Dividend Value Builder Portfolios Newsletter

  • 7 Day Free Trial (literally no payment for 7 days)

    Get My Conservative Approach to Dividend Investing Laid Out in Easy to Duplicate Portfolios!

    Three Dividend Value Builder Portfolios Using Value Investing Strategies Inspired by Benjamin Graham and Howard Marks:

    DVB Foundation Portfolio

    DVB Dividend Growth Portfolio

    DVB High Income Portfolio
  • One Page Summaries For Each DVB Portfolio Stock With a Buy Ranking
  • E-mail Notification of Portfolio Changes

    Low Annual Membership Guaranteed to Never Increase (Current Members)
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Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolios (AAAMP)

Asset Allocation Portfolios

AAAMP Global Value Portfolio

Deep Value / Margin of Safety

The AAAMP Global Value Newsletter provides members with a global deep value asset allocation portfolio for easy implementation. I take on the task of measuring risks and assessing opportunities as we seek global diversification and finding the best risk/reward asset allocation and individual investments in the world. I do the work, you stay in control!

The AAAMP Global Value is an active, real-time, global, deep value portfolio with maximum flexibility. It has a 17+ year track record of low volatility and outstanding returns. No limits or conditions are placed on asset allocation, geography, or individual stock or ETF positions.

There is no set schedule for publication. AAAMP Global Value Updates and Trade Alerts (avg. 3 - 4 per month) are e-mailed to members and are dictated by market conditions. Before I make a change members receive a concise and specific trade alert.

Market volatility provides opportunities to buy bargains and sell overpriced assets. Our goal is to purchase investments for less than their real worth because we believe that is the best approach to achieve above average returns with less than average risk.

Our approach is to invest defensively when valuations are high. However, we want to be ready (emotionally) and able (cash!) to invest more aggressively when a margin of safety exists. This reduces portfolio volatility and allows us to avoid large drawdowns that destroy long term returns.



AAAMP Global Value Newsletter

(Monthly Membership)
  • 7 Day Free Trial - Pay Nothing For 7 Days
  • AAAMP Global Value Portfolio Updates & Trade Alerts
  • Learn How to Invest With A Margin of Safety Using Value Investing Strategies Inspired By Benjamin Graham
  • Legendary Customer Service - Unlimited E-mail Service (No Additional Charge)
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AAAMP Global Value Newsletter

(Quarterly Membership)
  • 7 Day Free Trial - Pay Nothing For 7 Days
  • Saves 28% over Monthly Membership
  • AAAMP Global Value Portfolio Updated & Specific Trade Alerts
  • Learn How to Invest With a Margin of Safety Using Value Investing Strategies Inspired by Benjamin Graham
  • Legendary Customer Service - Unlimited E-mail Service (No Additional Charge)
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AAAMP Member Testimonials

If you're anything like me, you want to have a guy like Ken Faulkenberry on your team. Ken is someone I can trust to make wise decisions based on a wise strategy and hours of detailed research and analysis.

I like Ken's strategy. He's a value investor, only picking stocks that have "a margin of safety" as he puts it. He is excellent at keeping a diversified balanced portfolio with allocations based on market conditions. He makes wise choices of when to get in and when to get out. One thing I really appreciate about Ken's style is that he personally owns the stocks he recommends.

Besides the wealth of analysis information he provides to his members, he also provides personalized service. I can count on Ken for answers to my endless stream of questions. I usually get a quality response back from Ken the same day. Even when I know we're going to disagree, I know I can count on Ken to give me a straight answer.

The bottom line, I'm quite satisfied with the performance of my portfolio, thanks to Ken and his conservative strategies.
Stephen Terry

No one can predict the market, but Ken can help you improve your odds, reduce volatility, and make informed decisions on stock purchases. Ken is my "Cliff Notes" to the market so I can focus on other things. He is an excellent guide that leaves me in full control of my assets and eliminates emotional trading mistakes. If slow and steady is your motto, Ken is your guy.
Edward C.,
Chicago, IL 

In addition to being a great guy, Ken is one of the best financial advisors I have ever worked with. But don’t take my word for it. Look at his long term record. No fancy money schemes – just information that provides consistent growth regardless of what the markets are doing. I highly recommend Ken and the Arbor Investment Planner.
John Vencil
San Diego, CA

Any serious investor looking to build wealth in the stock market will find tremendous value from the Arbor Investment Planner. Ken's easy-to-follow and deeply informative newsletters provide insightful analysis on which stocks would be in my portfolio. Not to mention, the returns of the AIP's portfolio are down-right phenomenal!
Mitchell Mauer

Ken follows a proven conservative strategy that consistently outperforms the S&P 500. His newsletter is outstanding.
Dale Johnsen
Westlake Village, CA

As a fellow financial advisor/portfolio manager I have admired Ken’s AAAMP service for a while and have subscribed to it. Ken sticks to the tried and tested investment principles and has insights that are extremely valuable to his clients. When the economy and the stock market is undergoing upheavals, Ken stands apart as a voice of reason. Highly recommended.
Shailesh Kumar
Founder, Value Stock Guide

I would like to think of myself as “enlightened”. I studied hard in school, worked hard for my first employer, took great chances when I started my own business, and have put in very long hours over many years growing that business.

In my field I am one of the best in the country. But my field isn’t investing. With all the risk taking I am involved in with the day to day running of my small business, I realized that I need a methodical, well thought out conservative approach to investing. You see, it’s a strange paradox. The same quick thinking and fast response that has served me so well in 31 years of developing my award winning design company is exactly what I don’t want in my investment decisions.

That is why I was so relieved when I met Ken Faulkenberry and became acquainted with Arbor Investment Planner. His investment newsletter is perfect for someone like me that needs a sure, steady advisor whispering in my ear while I spend most of my day trying to sift through what’s important, what’s critical and what is just noise.

I would strongly suggest that you employ the great counsel of Mr. Faulkenberry. Anyone who is a decision maker knows that good information is the key to great decisions. I was lucky enough to find a source of great information, and I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who is looking for great insight and solid counsel about their investments to become acquainted with Ken Faulkenberry’s Arbor Investment Planner.
Michael Shawn Kelly
Spring, Texas
Mirror Lake Landscapes, Pools, and Waterfalls

While Arbor Investment Planner has used reasonable efforts to obtain information from reliable sources, we make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of third-party information presented herein. The sole purpose of this analysis is information. Nothing presented herein is, or is intended to constitute investment advice. Consult your financial advisor before making investment decisions.

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