Benefits of Using the AAAMP Value Investing Guide

Investing Guide For Value Investor

Investing Guide for the Value Investor

The benefits of the Arbor Investment Planner Investing Guide are numerous for the self directed value investor. I consider these to be some of the top benefits:

Top 10 Benefits of My Investing Guide

1. You Stay In Control of Your Assets

We have all heard the horror stories of trusted people committing fraud. If you stay in control of your asset you know where your money is and where it is invested. It makes sense to be personally involved since building wealth for retirement is one of the important financial endeavors of your lifetime.

2. Conflict of Interest is Eliminated

You pay a flat fee; no fees based on trading. Trade Alerts are based only on risk management and opportunities available, not producing commission or fees.

3. Stay Educated

Part of being in control of your assets is staying educated about important current events, the economy, and investment management concepts. Regular AAAMP Updates, Trade Alerts, and articles keep you informed.

4. Investing Guide and Performance

I put my money where my mouth is! The AAAMP is my personal retirement plan. Unlike many Wall Street professionals who brag they have no conflict of interest because they don’t invest in what they recommend, I have my own money invested in the AAAMP. I don’t invest anyone’s money but my own. I just share my ability, talent, education, research, and knowledge with you for a low fee.

5. Asset Allocation and Diversification

An easy to understand asset allocation investing guide. The AAAMP is divided into 4 asset categories and typically holds 15 -35 stocks and/or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

6. Value Investor Approach

My 26 years of investment experience have taught me to invest my money only when the odds are heavily in my favor. Most investors allow their emotions to cause them to be too aggressive at high valuations and panic when valuations are falling.

The AAAMP uses a tactical asset allocation strategy based on valuation. When choosing individual investments, as a value investor, I put special emphasis on value and quality as well as looking for sustainable competitive advantages. But whether it’s the overall asset allocation, or individual investments, valuation is the most important factor.

7. Personalized Service

If you have questions about the AAAMP Portfolio you can e-mail me or call me personally. The Arbor Investment Planner is not a large impersonal institution. There is never an extra charge for additional information or a chat. I want YOU to succeed; you matter! My business is built on results and word of mouth. I have to earn your renewal.

8. No Penalty For High or Growing Assets

Most financial institutions charge a fee or percentage based on your assets. The Arbor Investment Planner membership is a flat fee. You stay in control and pay the same low fee regardless of how large your portfolio is.

9. Trade Alerts, Updates, and Reminders

Concise economic and market updates and reminders keep you informed of important and/or pertinent information in a manner that requires a minimum of reading time by subscribers.

Trade Alerts with specific buy and sell details are e-mailed to members before I make a change to the AAAMP portfolio. Trade Alerts signal members to the purchase, sale, or change in size of position of individual investments.

This system allows you to manage your investments with confidence. You know your decisions are being implemented for your benefit because you are in control.

10. Performance is Easy to Measure

Unlike institutions where you open your quarterly statement and find out you lost a bundle after it’s too late, I report performance of the portfolio with every update. You can instantly compare the performance of the market, the AAAMP, and your own portfolio. The Arbor Investment Planner helps you stay in control, disciplined, and focused.

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